A Great Job Opportunity on a Freelance Site?

A Great Job Opportunity on a Freelance Site?

If you were a program manager who suddenly found yourself out of work and in desperate need of a new gig, would you think to look on a freelancing site?  Probably not.

What many job hunters may not know, especially those over 50 who would never consider freelancing, is that UpWork has many enterprise clients who use the site to find talent. Translation: Fortune 500 companies use UpWork to find part-time and full-time labor. Here is a client that has spent in excess of $40 million on UpWork. Too bad I’m not a program manager because the job sounds interesting.

Here’s the really interesting thing though. There’s no resume required to apply for this position, which means there’s no resume filtering. You just need to submit a cover letter and any portfolio artifacts you feel are pertinent to the position. And the best I can tell, all the cover letters get read. You can’t say that about submitting an online job application.

If you ‘e over 50 and unemployed or underemployed, there’s no reason to not take advantage of freelancing sites like UpWork to expand your career search. I’ve personally found it a much less frustrating experience than looking for a “real job.”

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