At What Price Facebook?

At What Price Facebook?

I contend that people over 50 have more cause to use Facebook than any other demographic. Why? Facebook isn’t for connecting so much as it is for reconnecting. People who see each other on a regular basis don’t need Facebook nearly as much as people who have lost touch over the years and would like to reconnect. And for those of us over 50, we have more years over which to lose touch.

Facebook is great. I have reconnected with high school people I haven’t seen in person in 40 years. It’s amazing, but at what price?

Apparently I just updated the Facebook app on my Android phone. I also happen to have an app called Privacy Cleaner which warns you as to just how scary the apps on your phone are, and as things turn out, the Facebook app is pretty scary.

How scary? Take a look at all the things the Facebook app can do without my permission. Technically it does these things “on your behalf,” like there’s some fiduciary responsibility on the part of the app to do things in my best interest.

Modify your contacts? Modify covers a lot of possibilities.

Record audio? Better watch what I say.

Create accounts and passwords? And passwords?

And my all-time favorite, send email without owner’s knowledge.

As a preemptive warning, if anyone ever receives a nasty email from me, especially one with an audio recording of me going off, it was sent without my knowledge, I didn’t know the microphone was on, you were probably added to my contact list without my knowledge and I can’t do anything about it because I don’t even know the password I used to send it.


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