Finding Work After 50 – Episode #11 (Non-monetary Compensation)

Finding Work After 50 – Episode #11 (Non-monetary Compensation)

At the tail end of a crappy week in which I struggled to find my next freelancing gig, I was given a little gift. It’s the kind of gift that makes everything okay and reminds me of why I’m doing what I’m doing.

I finished up the second of two projects with my second freelancing client on UpWork and here is the review they left of my work:

There is no doubt that the freelancer’s journey is filled with up and downs, especially in the first year. You have to find the motivation to keep going in the face of rejection and disappointment. Having tangible proof that you helped someone and that they appreciate the work you did is one of those non-monetary forms of compensation that are worth their weight in gold.

I know there’s a market for my expertise. Customers who not only pair fairly, but really appreciate what I have to offer. It may take a while to penetrate the market, but I’m committed to doing it. The payoff is just too good.

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