Finding Work After 50 – Episode # 1 (UpWork Newbie)

Finding Work After 50 – Episode # 1 (UpWork Newbie)

Here is a screenshot of the first project I bid on at UpWork, which is a platform for matching clients with freelancers, who work on a project basis. I’m a tech writer and this project seemed pretty technical.

Theoretically this is a good first project to bid on. It’s a small, one-time project of limited duration. The theory is that you want to start small until you get comfortable working as a freelancer. PLUS, as a newbie you’re more likely to get hired for a small project. So, this seemed like a good first target.

And hey, it’s at the Expert level. I could be an expert. So, I gave it a shot. Here is a screenshot of my proposal.

Did I get the job? Not a chance. Why? I’ll never know. In that regard freelancing is just like job hunting. You never really know why you didn’t get it.

But here’s what I do know. I submitted my proposal January 16. What I failed to notice is that the job was posted on November 30, about six weeks earlier. Do you know what the chances are of landing a consulting gig on UpWork for a project posted six weeks prior? Me either, my calculator doesn’t produce numbers that small.

Lesson #1: What I’ve since learned by researching the freelance community is to only bid on jobs within the first 24 hours of posting. If it’s been up there more than a day or two without any activity, it maybe stale. Lesson learned.

I hope you enjoyed wollowing in my misery. If so, join me in episode two where I really screw things up.






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