Finding Work After 50 – Episode #10 (The Holy Grail)

Finding Work After 50 – Episode #10 (The Holy Grail)

What is the Holy Grail of freelancing? Work you didn’t have to compete for or even look for. The screenshot below is of a project I accepted from a private offer. That’s an offer to submit a proposal that no one else sees but you.

As things turned out, I did a great job on my last project. The client really liked what I did. They even gave me 5 stars. But what I knew all along is that they had more work to do, and if I did a great job, I would get that follow on work too. Which I just did.

That’s one of the best kept secrets of freelancing that first timers (like me) don’t realize up front. One project can easily lead to many projects with that client (and others they refer you to). That’s why starting out is so hard, but once you get rolling things get much easier because of repeat business.

Lesson #6: do a great job on every project because it just might lead to more work with that client. Work you won’t have to compete for or haggle over. Lesson learned. See ya next time.

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