Finding Work After 50 – Episode #2 (The Perfect Candidate)

Finding Work After 50 – Episode #2 (The Perfect Candidate)

If there was ever a perfect candidate for a project on UpWork, it was me for this project.

They were looking for a wireless expert to write, essentially, Wireless for Dummies articles. Well hell, I wrote the damn book on it, literally. And I told them so in my cover letter.

The have to hire me, right? Wrong. In fact, it’s been more than 25 days since they posted their project and they haven’t hired anyone yet. So, this led me to a very imporant understanding about UpWork.

Lesson #2: Not every project on UpWork goes forward. Sometimes a project gets posted and just sits there.

So, what happend? Maybe they’re not satisfied with any of the candidates. Maybe they changed their minds. Maybe they found another freelancer somewhere else. Maybe they’re still going to do it, just not yet.

You would think that if they found another freelancer or decided not to do it they would just close out the project and make it inactive.They haven’t done that, so who knows.

It’s all part of the journey trying to navigate the new world of online freelancer sites.

In the next episode, you’ll see where opportunites on freelancer sites really can lead to full time employment.  See you there.



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