Finding Work After 50 – Episode #3 (The Full Time Gig)

Finding Work After 50 – Episode #3 (The Full Time Gig)

Admittedly this project wasn’t a perfect fit for me. It was for a financial writer. I’ve never done any financial writing but I did have an MBA in finance and speak the language of finance fluently. So, why did I apply?

I was intrigued for two reasons: it could possibly lead to a full-time gig AND they were looking for someone in Austin, which just happens to be my home town, so I said what the…

Here is my cover letter:

Result: same as the last one. TBD. Nobody got interviewed yet.

Lesson #3: There are many freelancing opportunities that lead to full-time gigs. I think companies do this to reduce the risk of hiring a full-time employee. They first hire a part-time freelancer to make sure they’re a good fit before making the commitment. Too bad more people over 50 don’t see this as an entry point for full-time employment. I’m trying to change that.

In Episode 4, something amazing happens on UpWork. A client actually reached out to me. See you there.


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